Jodi is experienced in and practices the following areas of Family Law:


      • Divorce            

      • Temporary Orders

      • Child Support

      • Custody

      • Possession and Access

      • Spousal Maintenance/Alimony

      • Marital Property Agreements

      • Same-Sex Parenting Plans & Property Division

      • Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relationships

      • Gestational Agreements

      • Parentage

      • Grandparents’ Rights

      • Interstate proceedings



    It is very important for clients to determine the appropriate model for resolution of their family law matter.


    Collaborative Law is a negotiation model which requires each party to be represented by a trained collaborative attorney and often involves the use of neutral mental health and financial professionals to assist the parties in finding a customized settlement that best meets their interests.


    Traditional Litigation is a court-centered model that brings disputes to a Judge for resolution. In most litigated cases, the parties must participate in mediation prior to final trial to attempt to reach settlement, if possible.


    For those couples or parents who are able to work everything out on their own and just need legal drafting and guidance, an uncontested process is available. In all cases, the first step in the process is an in-office consultation with Jodi to determine the options and best strategies going forward.