Silver Linings: Change Brings the Opportunity to #be Stellar


In January, there is so much planning for the year ahead. Goals are set; new projects are decided. Considerable time is spent to map out the plan for achieving those goals in the, now, next 11 months. But the reality is we live in a time of constant, unpredictable change. Maybe we are fools for believing we can plan. Maybe what we really need to work on is being flexible and open to what the universe is telling us and being ready to pivot to new strategies, new plans, new definitions of how things are done, in what very much feels like a new era.

One thing that doesn’t change year to year are our Lazar Law New Year’s Cards, coming to a mailbox near you. This is my favorite project of the year, where we roll out our new theme and our new color. We will always be true to Yellow, but in 2022 we are accenting with Silver; it’s time for some sparkle. With all the change comes opportunity. In 2022, we want to focus on capturing the opportunities to do things we never would have imagined possible 3 years ago, so our theme this year is “Be Stellar.”

Writing the New Year’s Cards fills me with gratitude that our Lazar Law community is filled with the most interesting, caring and wonderful people. We love to connect with you and hear what the universe has brought you and how you have adapted to our changing world. What will you do in 2022?

“Shine like the whole universe is yours” – Rumi

Be Stellar,



A new calendar year brings 12 new opportunities to Feature Austin, which can be daunting to come up with, unless you think of food, and then it’s difficult to narrow the choices down to 12. So here’s what I’m going to do in 2022 — this column will feature Austin Food; places the locals know or need to know, in my humble opinion.

And for our 1st Austin Food Feature of 2022, I would like to introduce you to Numero28, an authentic southern Italian restaurant with a strong Sicilian accent, nestled right on the Northeast corner of 2nd Street and San Antonio Street, in the middle of downtown Austin–which happens to be in the next block to our Lazar Law office at Firmspace. Just like a big city, Numero28 offers a lush garden patio right on the street, perfect for drinks & dining and watching one of Austin’s most vibrant street scenes.

Let me walk you through the menu. In the Antipasti, my personal favorite is the Carpaccio di Manzo, extremely tender thin slices of rare roast beef with an arugula salad and shaved parmesan. My favorite on-menu Pizza is the White Numero 28 made of smoked prosciutto, mozzarella, mushrooms and truffle cream. Insider Tip: Let the server help you create your own pizza, and you can always go half-and-half. In the Pasta department, they are all good, but the showstopper is the Cacio e Pepe because it is served in a pecorino cheese wheel. Order this one on your first visit, and then you won’t feel like you have missed out when you work your way down the pasta menu when you return. The gluten-free eggplant parmesan and the chicken parmesan are nothing to sneeze at either.

But this little café is more than what is on the menu. Numero28 has a good bar with maybe my favorite espresso martini in town. Desserts always include tiramisu and gelato. And they make a perfect cappuccino with a proper espresso machine. None of this would you know by reading their website, so you are welcome for the tip.

You don’t need a reservation at Numero28; you are encouraged to walk-in, and they offer only very limited reservations. Their dining room and bar are inside, but the garden patio is where you want to be. This is a solid place to eat on the regular. As good for a romantic vibe as a family pizza dinner.

Numero28 Austin

452 W. 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701

Happy Hour Mon – Fri 4:30-6:30

Half off all wine bottles on Tuesdays

Parking validated for garage on San Antonio Street on weekdays only



By Alyson Falk: No matter the side of the coin you find yourself, strong feelings and emotions are unavoidable while divorcing. At times, you will experience feeling not yourself, unsteady, and angry (among other strong feelings!) as you navigate toward the beautiful life that is ahead for you on the other side of divorce. This is all part of the grief process, and you will do well to recognize it and harness it for good, rather than ignore it and let it fester…

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