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If you’re looking for a family law lawyer, you need to go with Lazar Law! Jodi and her team helped me every step of the way. I felt valued as a person and not just as a client. She will work with you, get you through the messiness of divorce, and come out strong to be able to ask for what you want. Thank you Lazar Law for all your help!

Rose B.

Jodi Lazar helped me with a contract and was extremely professional and responsive to my issue.

Teri M.

Jodi and her team were beyond thorough, respectful and diligent. Let alone being a complete joy to work with, Jodi and Britany really had my best interests at heart and it showed with every step they made. I owe my future to them and would recommend working with Lazar law to anyone.

Frances G.

Quality, Responsiveness. Lazar Law was recommended to me by a friend who had just gone through a difficult divorce and mediation, so I knew from the beginning I would be in good hands. Alyson Falk was assigned my case and outlined the options available to me when I was ready. She was always quick to respond and kept me in line when curve balls were thrown our way; always my champion and careful advisor.

One thing I really appreciated about Lazar Law was the team approach to my case. Jodi Lazar was copied on everything, as well as both of the amazing paralegals, Britany and Emma, so at a moment’s notice, anyone could jump in and help me if others were in a trial, etc. Due to scheduling challenges, Jodi Lazar stepped in to do my mediation, and didn’t miss a beat, as she had kept up with my case for the entire time.

If I could sum Lazar Law into a few words, it would be smart, professional, thorough, compassionate, and PREPARED. Alyson spent the time preparing not only her work for the hearing, but also talked to me about exactly how to act and to respond to the judge, to her, and opposing counsel during the Zoom hearing. I went in feeling confident, and that showed through. At mediation, Jodi also was very prepared with our numbers, and she has a natural gift for bringing calmness and confidence to the unpleasant task at hand. Even though Jodi represented me at mediation, Alyson came and spent the entire very long day with me to make sure I had company (the mediation was via Zoom), and to be there as a resource, if needed. And it was nice to actually meet her in person, for the very first time! Britany and I spent many late nights on the phone going through literally hundreds of thousands of pages of documents to make sure we had produced all we had been asked. Emma was very helpful along the way as well, and helped get me settled and ready for the mediation in their conference room space downtown. She even went out to get me Tylenol, and brought in a delicious lunch! And while I’m giving shout outs, Tiki, the office admin, was always pleasant and I enjoyed our Zoom notary signing sessions.

Global pandemic? No problem. The awesome ladies of Lazar Law

Mari B.

Going through a divorce is never easy. Working with Jodi and her team at Lazar Law made the process that much more palatable. Even though it took longer than it should have, due to things out of our control, I always felt like we were driving it toward completion. They were very professional and responsive, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone going through this difficult process.

Daniel N.

Responsiveness. I like many others have had the misfortune of having to work through a complicated separation. My case in particular threw extra hurdles and was delivered to me in short notice.

Despite these challenges, Lazar Law’s team was able to sort through every detail and provide a frank and honest explanation of my necessary steps forward. They worked in a proactive fashion to make sure that someone like me with little understanding of family law could have an effective voice.

Thus far, they have easily provided the successes I’ve only hoped for, and I look forward to working with them in the future to further provide stability for my family.

Alexander S.

Jodi and her team care about their clients’ issues and needs. They listen and and very thorough. I completely trusted them to take care of and resolve my problems.

Jenna D.

Professionalism. Alyson and her team defended me me with absolute class, never stooping to the level of the other side. This is so important when kids are involved and I will always be proud of how we took the high road.

John G.

Professionalism. Lazar Law helped me through a difficult divorce. I appreciated their professionalism and support.

Pattie E.

The Lazar team is absolutely exceptional and extremely diligent ! I was definitely not their ideal client , But Alyson guided and helped me through a ugly situation with my child’s mother as the entire Lazar staff is the dream team and I would recommend them to anyone if need of a family law attorney Jodi Lazar and Alyson are the best family law attorney s in town and Britany and Emma are the best paralegals in town! Paula and Dominique are more then a pleasure to work with!! My princess is finally back home with her daddy!! Thank you Lazar team.

Nick V.

When you are dealing with a complicated family law case and it’s highly contested everything MUST be done correctly or you will spin your wheels and spend way more $$$ than necessary. I learned this the hard way before Lazar Law was on my case. My case involved a disabled adult child, which is different than a standard family law case and can be infinitely more complicated. Lazar Law handles many special needs cases. Jodi and her team made it very clear that while she wanted to get me what I wanted, she wanted to do what was best and right for my disabled child in every aspect. I respect that and I appreciate that. She and her team helped me have a better understanding of this really horrible process and helped me to work on a better co-parenting relationship. Nothing is fixed in a flash and the time that it took was excruciating, as are most of these cases. Unfortunately, she had to fix an error right out of the bat before we really got down to the nitty gritty. Lazar Law is always PREPARED above and beyond what you think you would need. Jodi has an innate quality to dig into a situation to understand every emotional and logistical aspect. Jodi, Britany, Alyson, Dominique, and Emma are a great team, true professionals and WILL get the job done when it is needed. I will always be truly grateful for their hard work and dedication to my daughter and myself.

Gretchen W.

Lazar Law helped me gain my freedom. My exhusband was making the divorce process difficult and Alyson helped me ensure a resolution to the divorce. Lazar Law was extremely helpful in helping me navigate this process; I was kept up-to-date on what was happening and if I had any questions answers were provided. Thankfully, I have been able to move on with my life.

Victoria V.

Jodi Lazar, Britany Edwards, and the entire team are outstanding! I call them the “Dream Team”. They made the whole unpleasant process of divorce go smoothly. They made me feel at ease and comfortable with the process. Britany was an absolute angel! She is so on top of things and so efficient and was also kind and patient and very helpful in explaining things to me as we went along.

My ex husband ended up firing his attorney and we did mediation. He often commented that he felt very comfortable with Jody and the team. I think that says a lot. We were able to have a divorce that ran very smoothly, it wasn’t ugly, and both sides were very pleased with the service we received from the “Dream Team” at Lazar Law.

By the way, I had been referred to Jody by two different people. Since my work with her I have referred everyone that as mentioned they are looking for a family law group. You will be in EXCELLENT hands! I wish I could give higher than 5 stars!

Diana E.

I recently finished my divorce with Jodi and the ladies of Lazar Law. I was very happy with the final outcome, in this long drawn out case. Her staff, particular Brittany and Dominique were always very quick to answer any questions or concerns I had and made a very difficult divorce a little more palatable knowing they were on my side. I really feel like the whole office had my back. Jodi did her best to keep this divorce on track and out of court, but sometimes the ex throws in so many wrenches that’s where you end up. I felt prepared and ready to roll when my presence was required. I felt confident with Jodi and Brittany at my table. Thank you ladies of Lazar Law!

Jodie S.

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