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If you’ve come to the end of a marriage, whether prompted by you, your spouse, or through a mutual decision, there’s a lot to figure out and work through, not just to achieve the divorce as effectively and efficiently as possible, but also to set you and your children on a firm path post-divorce. At Lazar Law, you’ll find experienced, effective divorce attorneys tuned in to your needs and the issues most at stake in your divorce, including child custody and more. Learn more below about Texas divorce and how our firm can help, and call our office for advice and representation in divorce throughout the greater Austin metroplex.

What is the Process for a Divorce in Texas?

In Texas, you cannot be divorced before 60 days from the date the petition for divorce is filed. In reality, a divorce is likely to take longer than 60 days to conclude. We normally estimate your divorce will take 4-6 months from start to finish.

When you first meet with the Austin divorce attorneys at Lazar Law, we will talk through and determine a strategy for how to approach your divorce. Your case may need temporary orders to address separation, financial orders regarding the use of funds and the payment of bills, and temporary custody and support orders. Your case may be highly contested from the beginning and need a court hearing to get those temporary orders in place. Or you may be a good candidate for the collaborative law process. We will discuss all these options in your initial consultation with our office.

Once we address immediate issues in your divorce, we will spend the time to gather all necessary information regarding your children and your finances in order to develop the best strategy to get you divorced. We will exchange information with your spouse and their counsel, either informally by agreement or through discovery. At Lazar Law, we are highly skilled at gathering, analyzing and uncovering documents and information to use to settle or try your case. It is important for us to be prepared and to prepare you to make good decisions as you approach finalizing your divorce.

When your divorce is ready for resolution, most cases will go to mediation to try to reach a settlement. We prepare for mediation as thoroughly as we prepare for trial, so that we can advocate for you and help you identify where to compromise to reach the best settlement for you and your family.

Most cases do settle at mediation, but if yours cannot, we are experienced trial lawyers who are not afraid to take your case to the courtroom and present the best case possible to achieve the results you want.

After you reach a settlement or a judge makes orders in your divorce, the final stage of your divorce is to prepare your divorce decree and any necessary additional orders and documents relating to the transfer of your assets from one party to the other. Your divorce decree is an important legal document that needs to be drafted properly. A divorce decree may cover the following:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony/Spousal Maintenance
  • Property Division

How Does Lazar Law Help?

The Austin divorce attorneys at Lazar Law are experienced negotiators and trial lawyers who take the time to understand your needs, develop a strategy to achieve your goals, and work with you every step of the way to get you through your divorce. You’ll find the entire team at Lazar Law to be relatable, approachable professionals who work with you to make sure your rights are protected and that your objectives are achieved in your divorce.

Your Austin Divorce Legal Team, Working for You

If you are considering divorce in Austin or have been served with a divorce petition filed by your spouse, contact Lazar Law at 512-477-1600 for sound advice and effective representation throughout the course of your divorce.