BBC Newsday: Coping with Child Custody Concerns During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised unique challenges for families with divorced or divorcing co-parents who share time with their children, and families of frontline workers have been coping with the added worry of being at higher risk of exposure. Lazar Law attorney Jodi Lazar appeared on the BBC Newsday live radio broadcast to talk with host Clare McDonnell about the ways co-parents in Texas are preserving or temporarily adjusting their child custody schedules.

“In some cases, families are able to see eye-to-eye about how they want to handle the separation with their children and in other cases, they do not see eye-to-eye and we have had to deal with that in our family law practice just about every single day since we started our stay-at-home.”


Source: McDonnell, C (Presenter). 2020, April 9. End politicization of Covid-19 fight, says WHO. BBC World News. Newsday. Retrieved from

Clarification: Presenter Clare McDonnell refers to Jodi Lazar as a university law professor. Jodi Lazar was an Adjunct Professor in the Advocacy Program at University of Texas Law since 2006 and is recently retired.

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