A Year to be Open

It is a New Year, and we have made it through January. By the time the end of January rolls around, I have forgotten all about the holidays and even the year before. We are full-on 2024, now! I also like to tackle January with its own specific goals, an appetizer for the year that is to come, and I am proud to say we met all our Lazar Law January goals, and I feel energized for the year ahead. I hope you do, too.

To catch up on the personal: We are 11-months post heart attacks, and Dennis has a perfectly healthy heart; he has lost 40 pounds on our vegan diet. I was diagnosed withceliac disease 9 months ago, and the complications forme turned out to be lack of absorption of nutrients, including iron. My tank was empty; I had iron infusions in November, and now I am back to myself, all full of vim and vigor! Diet has changed our lives and made us healthy. We are grateful for each new day. If you want to talk about diet, I am here for you. If you want to talk about finding your health, I am here for you. And I am looking ahead to a New Year that hopefully has no major health challenges.

Which gives me the joy and gratitude to work on my law practice this year.

In 2024, we are rolling out new media campaigns aimed at providing positive helpful insight on how to approach and weather the storm of divorce and custody, not just at the beginning of your break up, but through your transition to being single and onward as co-parents, if you have children. The content we are creating is intended not just for those facing divorce or custody, but for everyone who may know someone who is facing it, which is all of us.

After all these years practicing family law, I have some things to say that can help. If we succeed, we will have created helpful guidance that everyone can use to split better and to be better parents through it and after — and for their support systems to share when inevitably leaned upon for input. We want positive, helpful divorce and custody content out there, and so we are going to create it!

We are just starting; join us as we build out our new Instagram account @lazarlawtx. We would love for you to support our new Instagram page. We are also on X, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and you can find all our content on our website Help us spread the word; please, share our content that you find helpful as we go along. In a year, let’s see how many we can help through such a difficult, life-changing process.

What big project will you tackle in 2024? I would love tohear and get inspiration from your goals.

Be Open,

by: Aubrey Rosenthal

Although I was devastated to see Abel’s on The Lake, a cultural staple of Austin, close, I was excited to check out Quince. Quince did not disappoint. With locations in Fort Worth and San Miguel, Quince is known for its global-inspired menu and upscale casual environment. The owner and chefs of Quince based the menu on their travels and took bits and pieces of different regions including Lima, New Orleans, New York, Mexico City, Rome, and many more locations. The menu ranges from sushi to pastries to steaks. The location in San Miguel overlooks the Parroquia with a resident DJ for dancing. The Austin location has TVs that livestream the DJ in San Miguel which feels like a portal straight to Mexico. There are three wooden decks that are covered and uncovered for outdoor seating during rain or shine and during freezing cold or sweltering heat. There are both couches for lounging among the restaurant and tables and booths for proper and more formal dining.

Quince has many options for specialty cocktails. Their most famous cocktails are served with tequila or mezcal. Iordered the French margarita that is made with tequila, blackberries, lemon, and fresh pineapple juice. They also have classic margaritas, spicy margaritas, cucumber margaritas, and frozen margaritas. I tend to avoid a mezcal drink but I continuously eyed The Black Forest, a drink made with mezcal, pineapple, cucumber juice, rosemary syrup, and activated charcoal. I had never heard of anything like this.

The food menu is filled with shareable options as well as entrees for one. The small, shared plates that we tried were all delicious and unique. We ordered rosemary cheese fries, rock shrimp tempura, and braised shortribs over hummus. The rock shrimp tempura was acrowd favorite, it is served with a Japanese chili aioli, chives, and sesame seeds. I am a huge sushi fan but decided to save tasting the sushi dishes until my next visit. They have many different rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. My mouth watered when I read on the menu that there was truffle tuna sashimi. They also have a Surf n’ Turf roll that has beef filet, shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy mayo, and oyster sauce. The pecan-crusted filet salad is a must- it is served with goat cheese, tomato, ciabatta croutons, radish, avocado, and a champagne vinaigrette. I ordered for my entrée the French double dip, a sandwich with shaved ribeye, mayo, jack cheese, arugula an au jus, and horseradish cream that I wish I could put on every sandwich from now on. By this point in the meal, we were too full to order any of the large, shared plates. The large, shared plates range from mushroom risotto to pasta to pepper-crusted chicken to different types of steaks. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the menu options at Quince.

I am excited to take out-of-towners to Quince and especially to take friends from Austin who have since moved away. I guarantee they will have the initial hesitancy of going to Oyster’s Landing and not seeing the classic Abels on The Lake and will leave Quince feelingeager to return.


3825 Lake Austin Blvd
#201, Austin, TX 78703


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