Getting Through To The Other Side


Turns out, getting back to normal life after a near life-ending illness takes a lot of work. But now that we have arrived at the last workday of the year, I can say that I have left it all out there in 2023. I gave every bit that I had, having learned that we can handle hard things and come out changed for the better. In the end, I am grateful for my husband’s heart attacks 9 months ago, because we both got healthy, radically changed our diets, let go of the small stuff, and kept our focus on what was important –supporting each other in our goals and spending quality time with those we love. Dennis told me from his hospital bed that he would heal his heart, and he did it. We aren’t the people we were a year ago, and we never would have guessed what this year would have in store for us, but you must go through the bad to get to the good. It is worth it.

Despite it all, we are ending the year on a high note and with so much hope for the future. This holiday season, my daughter became engaged to her long-time love. They are both ready, and I find myself feeling a sense of joy and pride I never expected. As a twice-divorced woman, I think my greatest regret as a mother is failing to provide a good role model for marriage and putting my child through two divorces, no matter how amicable they may have been. Watching these two children of divorce find each other, navigate their twenties together, and make the conscious decision to choose marriage together, is a testament to both families that we made it through all those bad years to land here with our children happy and committed.

In the divorce business, we tell our clients the goal of a good divorce is to someday celebrate with your ex at your child’s wedding. We say it so much, it is cliché. I won’t lie that I was worried how all this would go; not everyone canbe friends with the people they are divorced from. But to my surprise, my daughter’s engagement has brought me that elusive forgiveness — of self, of ex, of the whole sorry story that ended in divorce to which she had a front-row seat — and that space inside which was cynical and hardened has become unburdened. Seeing their joy and knowing that their histories are what brought them here to this day made me realize we all did okay.

My daughter’s engagement ring is a custom ring made from family diamonds from both sides – the center stone is from my ring from my second marriage, when she was a stepchild. I wore that diamond on my hand for her entire schooling, so it is fitting and honorable to see it on her hand now in her forever ring. It is a beautiful diamond with a strong history. It deserves a new story and a second chance, as we all do.

I hope all of you have a restful holiday season, having done your very best this year to live authentically, willing to change and to grow. We can get through to the other side.

Be Free,

by: Aubrey Rosenthal

Tiny Boxwoods is one of my favorite places in Austin to sit outside and feel like I have escaped from Texas to California. They have two locations in Houston and one right here in Austin. Although in a not-so-quiet part of Austin, the landscaping feels private and feels off the beaten path. The menu has classic staples with a few items that change seasonally.

Tiny Boxwoods, commonly referred to as “Tiny’s” is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. No matter what meal you choose to have at Tiny’s, it is essential that you order dessert from the adjacent Milk & Cookies. You can go to Milk & Cookies right next door to pick up some fresh cookies or order their desserts while dining at Tiny’s.

I must admit that although brunch is my favorite meal of the week, I have yet to try brunch here. After perusing the menu, I cannot wait to go and try the Chia Seed Pudding, the Ham and Egg Sandwich, and the Chilaquiles.

Whatever you choose to order at Tiny Boxwood’s, rest assured that it will taste fresh and will be prepared with the utmost care. When dining at Tiny’s with a group it is imperative to order The Gathering Board which is a charcuterie board made up of cured meats, artisanal cheese, accoutrements, and flatbread. It is a large board so come with an appetite. Their Wood Fired Artichokes are delicious and practically melt in your mouth. The artichokes come served with herb butter, a garden chimmi, and artisan bread.

Tiny Boxwoods is popular for its salads, my favorite being the La Provencal. This salad is a simple option but nonetheless extraordinary. It is mixed greens with a champagne vinaigrette. The salad is also served with a goat cheese baguette. They are also famous for their hamburger.

You will not be disappointed!


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