Be Bold

I’ve seen a lot of tweets this week along the lines that this month has been the longest year already, and I have to agree, it feels like January 2020 has taken forever to come to a close. I read it is the longest, darkest month of 2020, so congratulations, we’ve made it through! We hope that everyone’s 2020 is off to a running start. We also hope that you received our new year’s card – we love designing the card each year, coming up with the theme, and they feel so good and are made with such quality paper; they are a joy to write to each of you.

We are excited about our 2020 theme: Be Bold. At Lazar Law and personally, I am thinking of ways to be bold everyday.

Here’s our mantra:
Be bold enough to use your voice,
Brave enough to listen to your heart, and
Strong enough to live the life you have always imagined.

Best, Jodi


Each month, we will highlight a local Austin business we think you should know about. We feel so fortunate to work in this amazing city that has so many unique and special things to offer, whether you think hipster is a good thing or a bad thing.

This month we want to tell you about Made by Eliana, the most exquisite collection of marbled porcelain ceramics, designed and made in Austin by Eliana Bernard.

For our referral thank you gifts this year, we chose Eliana’s now sold out ring bowl in black marbling. Look at Eliana’s Instagram post to see all the bowls she made for us lined up and filling her workspace. When I saw the photo, it took my breath away. And I know — hearing from those that received her handmade bowl in custom box — that they were very well received. A timeless treasure to make your home more beautiful.

Eliana’s signature design is classic marbling with gold stripe overlay. Every item in the collection is made by slipcasting, Eliana’s signature design is classic marbling with gold stripe overlay. Every item in the collection is made by slipcasting, pouring liquid clay into plaster molds, using porcelain slip. The gold is an overglaze that is made with real gold and fired in the kiln after applying to each item.

“I know what my material can do and I love pushing the boundaries to create something unique and visually appealing while maintaining its functionality. In the Marbled Collection, the pattern varies from piece to piece. Even with the process of slipcasting and using molds to produce a consistent form, every piece has its own pattern, making it truly one of a kind!”

In addition to vases, platters, mugs, bowls and dinnerware, Eliana also makes porcelain earrings in her signature marbling.

You can check out Eliana’s collection by following her on Instagram @elianabernard and at her website or book an appointment at her showroom on Springdale Road to shop the collection in person. Prepare to be filled with wonder.



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