Embracing Change & #DoingThings

I am very grateful to all of you who have reached out and encouraged me in my May challenges. They worked! I have fully transitioned to a productive work-from-home life that is both professional and balanced. I am getting outdoors every day. I have a good workday routine, and I come to my work fully dressed and ready to face the day.

The reality is that work-from-home is the new normal. Lazar Law has made the decision to continue to provide legal services virtually, as we have been doing since the pandemic began in March. We will keep our physical office space closed to the public. We do not expect to be attending hearings in the courthouse or mediations/conferences/depositions at others’ office space for the time being. With the courts and other family law practitioners, we have fully made the switch to a virtual legal work environment. Our work continues nonstop.

Transitioning to a virtual business model requires developing systems to support the new environment. At Lazar Law, we work every case as a Team, yet we are no longer together in the same space. As a virtual law office, now we have a 30- minute Team Zoom meeting everyday which keeps us connected and on the same page. We are paying attention to everyone’s work spaces to create a professional work environment equipped with the necessary equipment to function just as though we were at our desks at the office. And in the largest personal concession, WE HAVE GONE PAPERLESS. It took a pandemic, but I am on board, and we have made the switch.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to service to our clients. From the moment you call our office, you will feel the same attention as if you walked in the front door or met in our conference room; we are finding that we don’t have to be in the same physical space to provide great legal services.

Be well. Be safe. Be bold.



Last month, I got moving outdoors by taking the #mileadaymay challenge. With the pandemic, my normal weekly – and necessary — routine of rowing crew on Lady Bird Lake, weight training in the gym with my trainer and taking pilates Lady Bird Lake, weight training in the gym with my trainer and taking pilates classes came to a screeching halt. At first, I was happy for the rest. My body was happy for the rest. After a month, I knew I needed exercise but had to now figure it out for myself. I committed to move a mile a day in May, and I walked my 2-mile loop around Lady Bird Lake between 1st Street and Lamar Bridges nightly. To say everything is improved is an understatement.

In honor of movement and doing things, I want to feature my favorite athletic wear line, Austin’s Outdoor Voices. In certain circles, Outdoor Voices is old news. If you are an Austin Millennial, it’s likely you’ve known and loved OV since it moved here in 2017. But Outdoor Voices activewear is not only for the young and hipster. At Lazar Law, we all have the CloudKnit hoodie and sweatpants, and I gave the sets as holiday gifts to my family and inner circle. To know the CloudKnit fabric is to love it; there is nothing more comfortable. I wear the OV TechSweat as a workout uniform—the Doing Things Bra and the TechSweat leggings or bike shorts. For leisure, I wear the OV Sweatee Tshirt with regular separates. Again, the magic is in the fabric; but the colors are great, too. The Outdoor Voices fabrics are what makes this activewear line so special. Everything is so comfortable, yet durable and attractive. I don’t know anyone – man or woman — who has tried Outdoor Voices who has not become a fan.

There’s a little bit of controversy in my recommending Outdoor Voices at this time, as its founder Ty Haney was removed as CEO early this year. Many are very loyal to Ty Haney and have eschewed the brand in the wake of her departure. I’ve done my research, and Ty Haney continues to support Outdoor Voices and wear the clothes; so, like children of divorced parents, it’s okay to be loyal to Ty Haney and also wear OV proudly and happily and continue to buy.

I am ready to face June with a #DoingThings mindset – to enthusiastically pursue regular physical activity. For me this means, finding classes online to work out to in my home; something I swore I would never do, but must. Rest assured, I will be wearing my stylish OV uniform.

Shop Outdoor Voices online at



We understand how living alone in a pandemic can start to feel like solitary confinement. It is especially chafing for those who aren’t accustomed to living alone. Building a little structure into the day and embracing the fringe benefits can go a long way toward being happier while going solo. READ MORE »

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