Getting on the witness stand

Clients are always nervous to testify in court. Getting on the witness stand is not something anyone looks forward to; and when the case involves one’s children, property and livelihood, it is even more stressful. In Texas, most family law cases are decided by the Judge, not a jury, so clients know when they take the stand, they are putting their fate in the Judge’s hands. Right before my clients are to testify, I always remind them that Texas Judges are elected officials, they are the Judge’s constitutent, the Judge cares about the public he/she serves and, therefor, really cares about them. It always makes the client feel more confident, relaxed and more alboe to be themselves on the stand. It’s true, and it works.

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A Year to be Open

A Year to be Open

FROM JODI It is a New Year, and we have made it through January. By the time the end of January rolls around, I have forgotten all about the holidays and even the year before. We are full-on 2024, now! I also like to tackle January with its own specific goals, an...

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