Great Resignation? More Like the Great Transformation.


In like a lion, out like a lamb; March lived up to its billing that’s for sure. Do you remember the beginning of the month? It was so long ago. 

One of the reasons I love writing this newsletter is the chance to reflect on the month and to capture something tangible to carry forward into the next. Looking back on this month and how much has radically changed from the beginning to the end, I see March as a month of transformation. Where we are today looks nothing like where we were just one month ago. The beginning of the month brought significant change to our firm; change is loss, but also an opportunity — an opportunity for innovation. The pandemic brought us the opportunity to become a virtual law firm. The effects of the Great Resignation felt at Lazar Law has me working on how to build a new model for a law firm. 

When I was a young lawyer in the 90s, I read a book about “The New Lawyer” and it sounded so utopian compared to the realities of the practice of law. Back then, there were no law firms embracing the culture that we wanted changed. I realized this month that as a veteran attorney and an employer I have the opportunity to offer a place to develop professional careers in a way that serves and supports a new model for the practice of law, and I am excited to develop that new structure.

Next month will have so many new things to announce: a new attorney hire, a new website; the fruits of our labor from March will spill into great launches in April, and that is something to look forward to.

So today pat yourself on the back. We made it through the storm.

Be Stellar,


El Naranjo

March brings exciting news for Austin’s Chef Iliana de la Vega. She has made the cut as a 2022 James Beard Award Finalist in the Best Chef: Texas category, and so this month’s feature is her traditional Oaxacan restaurant, El Naranjo.

El Naranjo began as a trailer and then a bungalow on Rainey Street, before the high rises. In the pandemic, they have moved their restaurant to a new space on South Lamar, taking over a shuttered restaurant, giving it a sunny makeover, and landing on their feet with triumphant grace.

Chef imbues the restaurant with grace. She visits diners at their table with welcome and interest. There is no attitude at El Naranjo, just exquisite food in a gentle atmosphere.

Let me walk you through the menu. El Naranjo is mostly about the mole. They are all vegetable- based and gluten free. I think you need to plan your mole, your margarita and then decide if you want an appetizer to start or share.

The Mole Negro de Oaxaca known as the King of Moles is made with more than 30 ingredients, including chile, nuts, seeds and chocolate. My favorite is the Mole Amarillo which is tomatillo based and more piquant. If mole does not interest you, take a look at the short rib or the slow-cooked pork shank. Entrees cover shrimp, beef, lamb, duck, chicken and vegetables, so there is something Latin American here for everyone.

The craft cocktails feature tequila or mezcal. Even the martini is tequila-based. They are all refined sips.

And with those decisions out of the way, do you want to start with a Cochinita Pibil taco or the weekly Ceviche, or both?

Pet-friendly, with brunch on Sunday, El Naranjo is a quiet gem you need to put in your rotation.

El Naranjo


2717 S Lamar Blvd
STE 1085,
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 520-5750 



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