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by | Feb 28, 2022 | Newsletters


It’s time to say goodbye to February. Spring is 3 weeks away. We are 2/3 into the 1st Quarter. Is anything different from when you started the year? I always feel that the end of February is the time to take stock and to commit to what I need to finish, or what I need to start, in March. I wrote down two pages of tasks when we started the year, thinking I would complete them all in January. At some point, I realized that was impossible, and I set out to complete them all in the 1st Quarter. I am happy to say that most are complete, some are spilling over to March, and some are new. I’m excited about the new ones – as though I’ve earned new things to do because I finished the other things. Something must motivate us, don’t you think?

We have our job listings posted. You can find them on LinkedIn and Indeed. We took our time to really define what we have to offer to family law legal professionals in Texas. Our door is always open to qualified people who want to talk to us about joining our Team. Our network has been very good to us in referring us to those for whom we might be a good fit. Do you know anyone?

One thing I am waiting for March to do is Vote. I love the energy of Election Day. The local judicial primary in Austin is hotly contested this year, and these are the races that most affect the work we do. But also, so many people on the ballot are my dear friends and my respected colleagues, and I feel deep joy putting a check by their names, even when mostly they are uncontested races. I just love to vote for the people I care about. For some this is their last election; it is bittersweet. I will be thinking of each of them tomorrow as I vote, always so proud of them and what they have accomplished. If you haven’t yet, go Vote with me tomorrow!

Be Stellar,


68 Degrees Kitchen

This month’s featured Austin Restaurants You Want to Know About is 68 Degrees Kitchen.

68 Degrees Kitchen is located at the corner of Lake Austin Blvd and Deep Eddy, at the top of the hill above Deep Eddy Pool and across the street from Deep Eddy Cabaret. It has a charming dining room and outdoor dining on a wrap-around covered porch that feels very old Austin. I found this place looking for La Traviata’s Calamari Puttanesca. In the pandemic, La Traviata has shuttered, but its website directs you to its sister restaurant, 68 Degrees Kitchen, which is also the sister restaurant of Santa Fe’s Andiamo, another great dining experience.

Turns out sisters Joan Gillcrest, of Andiamo, and Marion Gillcrist, of La Traviata, have partnered to open 68 Degrees Kitchen, and it is a very pleasing blend of both restaurants with an identity all its own.Let me walk you through the menu.

If I am not having the Caesar Salad, I usually start with the Parma Prosciutto + Belgian Endive with shaved parmesan reggiano, truffle oil, olives and green onion. And it depends on if you are making a meal out of the appetizers, but at 68 Degrees Kitchen, I like to save my meal for the entrée. A light bite before the entrée with a glass of wine is all I need. If you want a smaller entrée or a side of carbs, I can say that the Crispy Polenta, the French Fries with Aioli, and the Fried Calamari are all very easy to eat.

Although we are decidedly not in New Mexico, when you have a sister restaurant in Santa Fe, you know you will always be able to get Green Chile at your Austin restaurant. We know how the New Mexicans care about their green chile.If you aren’t eating pasta, you are in for a treat at 68 Degrees Kitchen. The Grilled Salmon and French Lentils is my go-to 4-out-of-5 times always order dish. I eat each mouth-watering bite with no guilt. It is French bistro delicious. Every one-of-out-of-5 times I will order the Grilled Trout, which is also delicious. I like that I can order fish that I know will come out good time after time.

While there may not be any beef in the Entrée section, all the meat is in the Pastas: Bolognese, Rigatoni with Lamb Sausage, and Spaghetti and Meatballs. Current non-meat pasta options are: Classic Linguine with Shrimp and a Mushroom Fettuccine. And as I said in the beginning, the La Traviata Calamari Puttanesca has been transported over, thank goodness, as it is the best in the city.Yes, they have Tiramisu.

68 Degrees Kitchen has an excellent wine list, heavy on the Italian Reds, but a good selection of Sparkling, White and Half Bottles, as well. You need to make a reservation, but they are usually available not that far in advance.

68 Degrees Kitchen

Dinner nightly 4:30-9:00pm (9:30 Friday/Saturday); takeout available.

2401 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 766-6868


Prenuptial agreements are contracts, drafted by lawyers, that change how the law would normally apply to the spouse’s assets in divorce and death.

If you live in Texas, the assets you own at the time of marriage are your separate property. You DON’T NEED a prenup to confirm the separate property you own coming into your marriage…

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