New Space: This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Office Relocation


A couple months into our virtual law firm, our Team has fully made the transition to work from home, and with the COVID-19 vaccine widely available, it is time to turn our attention to how we will work in-person with our clients. More and more, our clients are asking, “Can you meet with me?”

Our goal was to be able to answer “Yes” to that question by the end of April, and here we are.

One of the great things about a virtual office is that you can be flexible and creative. I am certain that the solutions we have found would never have been conceived if we were facing the end of our commercial lease and we were not in a pandemic. It forces you to start with goals instead of solutions.

We wanted to provide our clients with meeting spaces that felt welcome, that were professional and private, and that provided peace instead of stress. A place where the client felt hosted. And with that came the idea of membership. What if coming to meet your divorce lawyer was like spending your time in the executive club lounge at the airport instead of sitting at the gate? Or if you were able to have a drink after your mediation? Lazar Law is proud to announce we have taken a membership at Firmspace, an innovative co-working space on the 19th Floor of the (new/soon to be old) Google building at San Antonio and 2nd Street in downtown Austin. The views are magnificent. The conference rooms are private. This serves as our hub. It’s the space with the executive airport lounge feel. Of course, we validate parking.

For clients who do not want to deal with the heart of downtown or with a big office building, or just prefer a different vibe, we have also joined The Austin Club and The UT Club. At these clubs, we offer conference and meetings rooms, as well as in-house food and beverage. For full-day mediations or zoom trials, the client has options to pick the space that is best suited for them in that moment.

And when the courthouse does open, we are walking distance to Firmspace and to the Austin Club. We are all fully vaccinated. We are ready to meet with our clients. We are so excited about our new spaces, and we can’t wait to host you, as well. It’s an amazing day!

Be Curious,


Waller Creek Boathouse & Austin Rowing Club

My other membership is to Austin Rowing Club. I had moved downtown and lived right on the river, next to the Waller Creek Boathouse. My condo had a view of the bend right before the I-35 bridge. I watched all these elegant row boats zip up and down the beautiful Colorado River and vowed to myself to do it. Which meant I had to become a rower. I signed up for Learn-to-Row at Austin Rowing Club, which runs the rowing program out of the Waller Creek Boathouse and began. Within weeks I was ready to sub on the 8+ sweep boats, and since I was willing to be at the boathouse for a 5:30am start, I was able to sub on all the morning crews and be humbled by the water and the technique every morning before 7:00 am. Soon enough, I was invited to a permanent seat on a crew, and I was a rower.

And then the pandemic hit; we stopped rowing and the crews dispersed. Some have gone back on the water in small boats to scull; I have not. I have not rowed since March 2020. But now we are all vaccinated, and we are getting back on the water next week! I am petrified, just like I was stepping on the dock that very first Learn-To-Row. I must row in glasses now; that is stressing me out. I have done no exercise in a year other than walking; I am a rookie again in the boat. And yet there is no sunrise in Austin like the one from a rowboat on Lady Bird Lake.

It is going to be very different going to the boathouse in the early mornings now. I used to walk through the greenspace easement between the parking lot at the Mexican American Cultural Center and the Trail in the dark every morning. We can’t do that now. I had originally thought I would ride my bike in the a.m., but I fear that is not safe downtown right now.

Nevertheless, it is a beginning back to something that used to be a part of me and that I miss terribly. I look forward to watching the beauty of Austin and all its potential from my perch on my seat on the boat.

If you have ever rowed or are interested in rowing, I encourage you to check out Austin Rowing Club’s programs. Subs are always welcome; there are crews that go out early morning, late morning and evening. There is Club rowing. You can compete if you’d like. You can scull on singles or doubles. There are some quad options. I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of the 8+ crew and being coached. There is always room for improvement. It’s both an individual and a group sport at the same time.

Waller Creek Boathouse also houses Ro Fitness, Alta’s Café and ARC Kayak & Paddleboard and Retro Boats electric boat rental (see what we had to say about Retro Boats here. Maybe I will see you at the boathouse!



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