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The universe sent some big surprises this month. We learned that our long-time senior paralegal, Britany Edwards, was resigning her position for an opportunity she couldn’t pass up that was the right fit for her family; we wish her luck. And just like that, an opportunity opened at Lazar Law that doesn’t come around very often—a key employee position on our well-curated Team.

This position is my right-hand, the day-to-day client facing communicator, the project manager of the cases, the producer of the first and last drafts, the document editor, the keeper of the file, the scheduler. At our firm, key employees are long-term. We value relationships, longevity and development. And we put a lot of effort into our Team.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught me is to use change as an opportunity to rethink my preconceived ideas about how things should work. We are a virtual firm now; part of the decision to go 100% virtual was the opportunity for growth without the limitation of physical office space. And the opportunity to expand the workforce. So, with this job opportunity, we are not limited to candidates in Austin.

And when I thought about this key position in our Team in a different way, I realized this role does not have to be filled by a Board Certified Family Law Paralegal. It can also be filled by a young lawyer. We can redefine our case management structure to a two-lawyer model, where the junior lawyer handles all the work that the paralegal would do, but also can develop as a lawyer and eventually move up to Senior Attorney status.

Our network has been vital to our growth and the development of our Team. You sent us our last hire, Aubrey Rosenthal, and so I use this platform to reach out again. If you know a Texas family law attorney with 1-2 years experience or a Texas Board Certified Family Law Paralegal who believes in the work we do for our clients and would be a good fit for our Team, please let us know by emailing us at

I hope your Thanksgiving holidays are a peaceful respite and a chance to reset. We are thankful to you.

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There is nothing like a crisp Texas Fall sunset and night of stargazing, and on November 29 you can get up close and personal with the planets with a cozy night’s stay in your own luxury retro trailer in the Hill Country at Blue Skies Retro Resort.

Located in Willow City, Blue Skies Retro Resort is a vintage styled, Palm Springs inspired retro trailer resort. The resort offers 5 restored and fully glamped retro Shasta camper/trailers, each equipped with a Caspar double bed, a separate private bathroom suite with robe & hotel amenities, luxury linens and pillows, kitchen, and even record player with records. Each trailer offers an outdoor shower and a lawn. Shared amenities include an outdoor pool, a gas grill, and a pavilion with an outdoor fireplace.

Blue Skies Retro Resort offers a front row view to the incredible hill country sunsets and the expansive sparkling night sky.

On November 29, Blue Skies Resort will host a stargazing party for its resort guests. They will have a telescope set up with a stargazing expert to show you the detail of the Moon, Jupiter’s moons spread out on their orbit and Saturn and its rings. Guests will receive a still image of the night sky from Panther City Air @panther_city_air.

Book a trailer for November 29 or any night you want to get away for glamping with the stars.

13372 N Hwy 16
Willow City, TX 78765



I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked whether so-called “COVID divorces” are a real thing. The answer is a resounding, “YES!” As I’ve mentioned before in this space, I think one reason for the felt increase in divorces is that people of all walks of life are realizing—life is short; there’s only one life to live; and there is no good reason to stay in an unhappy marriage.

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A Year to be Open

A Year to be Open

FROM JODI It is a New Year, and we have made it through January. By the time the end of January rolls around, I have forgotten all about the holidays and even the year before. We are full-on 2024, now! I also like to tackle January with its own specific goals, an...

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