Seeing the Road Signs Ahead & Coming Out the Other Side


Two weeks ago, I had eye surgery. I have been battling serious eye complications in my left eye for two years. I couldn’t go six months without recurrent corneal erosion. You don’t want that; it hurts like hell. I remember two years ago, a client doctor asking me, “How long has your eye looked like that?” I went to my optometrist for eye drops because I was heading out for my 3-week summer vacation. He prescribed me 3 sets of eye drops that had the effect of blinding my left eye so I didn’t feel pain, and I walked around Montreal not able to see anything on my left side. When I returned, he shook his head and sent me to an ophthalmologist. My past experience with ophthalmologists to that point had not been good at all, so I was unhappy to say the least. But I was lucky and thankful to find an eye doctor who I have come to trust, and we set out on a journey to figure out what was wrong and to try to get my eye healthy. Over the course of the last two years, I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in my left eye, and a virus has attached itself there as well. I have seen my eye doctor regularly; he was the only person I visited during the pandemic, and each time I had to read the eye chart, I felt like a total failure. I have been wearing glasses all my life; my prescription is complicated. One of my favorite party tricks is to make people put on my glasses, with a warning to be careful it might make them nauseous. The common reaction is usually “Woah.” And that was before I started having serious eye issues. So I was used to having difficulty reading the eye chart. But when it just gets worse and worse, and you cannot read the letters for the tech, you feel hopeless.

Finally, I went 6 months without an eruption, and my doctor said I could have my lens replaced. This is what most people know as cataract surgery. Everyone says this surgery is no big deal, but you are awake with your eye open, and I will spare you the details, but my doctor was kind and reassuring and skillful throughout. When I was brought to the car after, I looked around the parking lot, saw the letters on the license plates clear and crisp FOR THE FIRST TIME and burst into tears. It was not until I could see that I realized how much I couldn’t see before, even with my glasses. I was suffering and denying how bad it was. I was compensating by using my paralegal to read and type for me. I had no business driving.

Now there is a new me; one without glasses, and people I know well are getting used to seeing my face. It is my new party trick. I now have a contact in my right eye, and I must wear readers, so there is new vision to get used to, but I feel free. A new person. And grateful for the support of my doctor and his team who treated me with care and respect to get me to the other side.

Perhaps there is a metaphor here for divorcing people.

Be Curious,



Women & Their Work, founded in Austin in 1978, is a nonprofit visual and performing arts organization that promotes contemporary art created by women. Since their founding by local women artists, Women & Their Work has actively developed the careers of almost 2,000 women artists through visual art exhibitions, music, dance and theater events, literary readings, film festivals and educational workshops. But their nationally recognized gallery was a rented space. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, they decided to take matters into their own hands and own their own space. And this month, Women & Their Work unveils their new gallery after launching a successful #OWNIT campaign to purchase and renovate a $3 million historic building located at 1311 E. Cesar Chavez (formerly the Big Red Sun building). The main building will be for gallery use. The back house for educational use, with the courtyard in between for programs and events.

We love to support women, especially those who support us. It doesn’t hurt that their branding color is #Yellow – so we are very aligned. Lazar Law is a proud Paramount Sponsor of Women & Their Work’s HOMECOMING debut event on July 10, our first event since the pandemic & we will dress gloriously and wear artist-made crowns! Tickets are available here for an evening of art, dance and music. And if you can’t make it to HOMECOMING, drive on over to the East Side and check out Women & Their Work’s gorgeous new home.

Own your space ladies! We are so proud of you!



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