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We offer an “uncontested” divorce option

There is an idea out there that divorcing couples who believe they can work through their divorce but just need help from a divorce professional can find a divorce mediator to guide them through the process. Lawyers cannot represent both sides, so a “divorce mediator” will either be a neutral lawyer or non- lawyer, neither of whom can draft the final decree and closing documents. While the divorce mediator may help the couple understand the issues and reach agreement, a lawyer then needs to be hired to prepare the final documents. At that point, the lawyer may find problems or advise against the agreement and the couple starts all over again, with no cost savings. Not the intended outcome.

We offer an “uncontested” divorce option where we represent one spouse and have meetings with the couple to work through the agreement. The other spouse does not need to be represented by counsel, but of course can be or seek advise from a lawyer at any time. In our “uncontested” model, we prepare all the final documents and take the client to Court to obtain the divorce. It is a simple, low cost approach that supports agreement and divorce within 60 days.

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