What To Do About Summer

Closing out May always represents a shift.  For our clients, it is the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation.  I feel like so many of you have already started to travel and take time off.  For me, It is 6 weeks until I get any vacation, but if I don’t plan every day between now and then, I won’t get everything done.  I have spent the Memorial Day Weekend doing just that, as well as through the rest of August.  I am happy to report every day of this Summer is now accounted for.  It sounds crazy, but it provides comfort and assurance that I can have balance in my life.

I have always taken 3 weeks off in July-August to completely shut off work and let the business run itself.  But this year, I have found myself without the professional team we normally have, and the burden is on me to service the clients for the time being.  I have really struggled with what to do about vacation in this situation.  Without me right now, the law firm cannot run itself.  On the other hand, I am burning the candle at both ends and must find time to recover.  All month, I have struggled with what to do about Summer.

Just like everything else these days, the solution for me is a hybrid. I am going away for 3 weeks, but I will work half days to keep the cases moving.  I won’t schedule any hearings or mediations or client meetings, but I will generate production and be available to my team to guide the cases along each day.  I feel I can recharge this way; I couldn’t turn it off otherwise.  And so, I have really had to look closely at my cases now and make a plan through August that gives me the confidence that I can provide excellent client service and still have a rest.

We are still looking for legal professionals add to our Team. We have expanded our qualifications to include civil litigation in lieu of family law experience, so if you know of any civil litigation paralegals or attorneys who would like to explore family law and a remote work environment, please encourage them to apply with us.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your travels and hope you are able to enjoy time off.  We’ve all earned it!

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Founded by two prominent names in food in Austin, Loro was created by Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue and Tyson Cole of Uchi in 2018. The concept behind Loro is the fusion of classic Texas barbecue and Asian cuisine. Located in the heart of South Lamar, Loro has a large shaded outdoor patio and plenty of space to relax.

When you arrive at Loro, you want to find a table first to sit at, if no seating is available, grab a drink and wait on the outdoor patio until one becomes available, there are plenty of lawn chairs to relax on. Once seated at your table, proceed to the bar to order food and beverages. Food will be brought to your table as it is ready. Loro has a selection of wonderful slushee cocktails known as “boozy slushees” my personal favorites are the Mango Sake Slushee and the Frozen Mojito. These slushees are a perfect indulgence for the hot summer days we are frequented with here in Texas.

The delicious items on the menu make it difficult to select what to order. The good news, Loro prides itself on the shareable dishes so feel free to pick a few options and share them with friends. I started with the House Pickles, which is an assortment of seasonal pickled vegetables. The exceptional vegetables allowed me to try out different bites, all of which are great. The next appetizer we tried was the Oak Grilled Snap Peas. The snap peas are served with a kimchee emulsion, toasted sesame, and a sriracha powder. The flavors were so unique, and I could not get enough of these snap peas. A popular appetizer option is the Crunchy Sweet Corn Fritters served with cilantro and sriracha aioli. In my opinion, there is nothing like a good aioli. I had order envy when I saw the next table being served the Crispy Potatoes with miso mustard and yuzu aioli.

Loro has many different meat varieties- each crafted in its own way and each mouth-watering. Ranging from Chicken Bo Ssam to Brisket and Pork Belly, all the meats are slow-cooked each night beginning at midnight to ensure optimal flavor, and then some are grilled on an open-fire grill after. Each marinade is house-made so you truly can only experience these flavors at Loro. The rice bowls are also a great option to try, you pick your meat (or vegetarian option), and this is served on a bed of delicious coconut rice, seasonal pickles, and Thai herbs. Do not forget to try the desserts, if you have saved room which includes a Chocolate Chip Cookie with salted toffee or a Peach-Yuzi Cobbler.


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Your divorce is a marathon, not a sprint, but those are both races that require a trained body and mind to be well-executed. At your divorce finish line, there is a new version of YOU waiting patiently.

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