When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat the Lemon

This is “that time” of summer—when it feels like everyone is (or should be) on vacation, when we’re all savoring the end of summer before we plug back in to our real lives in the real heat of August and then power through to the holidays. But this year is different, of course.

Remember way, way back in January when you had a plan and goals for 2020? If you receive our Lazar Law New Year cards, or if you read these Newsletters when they are From Jodi, then you know our motto for 2020 was (and is!) to “Be Bold.” We heard from many of you at the beginning of the year that you were excited to Be Bold with us!

We took Be Bold to heart when we set our personal and firm goals for 2020, and then we set off to have the boldest year ever! I, for one, had some pretty lofty professional goals, and was looking forward to some special getaways and a dear friend’s wedding in Hawaii. I had planned how I would celebrate achieving goals and how I would enjoy planned time away from the office, but all that has changed. In some ways, for the better.

There are two important things that keep coming to mind for me: we really are grieving the year we wanted to have and the normal life we took for granted; and there are FIVE months left to buckle up and make the most out of the lemons 2020 handed us! Take some time to yourself—an afternoon or an hour, whatever you can get—to seriously envision what you want out of the rest of the year. Break it down so that you can make progress each month. Plan how you will celebrate completing each step. Put all that in your calendar, and then look at your calendar regularly. When we close the door on 2020 and set our goals for 2021, it will be empowering to know that we made something else of this year, rather than letting it make something of us.

Stay Bold.



I love great art. For my money, it’s among the top ways to enjoy the best of what the earth and humans have to offer us. These challenging 2020 months have had me, like many others, thinking more about how easily we overlook what’s right before us. Which brings me to John.

John Shobe’s deep dive into natural beauty produces captured images that are perfectly suited for hospitality, healthcare, corporate, and residential spaces. The intimate detail in these contemporary botanical photographs conveys the rich texture and soft curves of everyday plants and draws viewers into the mysterious inner world of our natural surroundings.

This work can be printed on fine art paper, canvas, aluminum, or glass, and can be mounted on acrylic and bamboo, among other surfaces. They are available in a variety of custom sizes and shapes (including very large) to accommodate and enhance the look and feel of any space.

My own personal collection of John’s prints is a much-loved source of beauty and enjoyment in my home and private office, and purchasing this art for loved ones has become my favorite gift to give. We’re such fans of John’s work that we outfitted one of our Lazar Law conference rooms entirely with his stunning photographs. I could never choose just one, though my first acquisition was John’s dandelion photograph captured in such detail that I saw for the first time what had been right before my eyes all along. Did you know that dandelions have tiny, curlicue-d bits among their petals? I did not and was mesmerized and thrilled at the discovery. I’ve been captivated by these works ever since.

Words don’t do it justice; you really need to see these for yourself. Follow John on Instagram and you’ll find in your feed a regular dose of colorful, bold beauty, and maybe experience the same sense of wonder that I did. And if you feel inclined to bring that into your home or workspace, I can guarantee you won’t regret it. – Dominique Gergen



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