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Who says there’s no alimony in Texas?

For divorces filed after September 1, 2011, Texas law increased the amount and length of time alimony can be awarded by the Court. The amount of alimony can be as much as 20% of the spouse’s average gross monthly income up to $5,000/month (increased from $2,500 max). For 10-20 year marriages, alimony is available for up to 5 years; 20-30 year marriages: up to 7 years; and over 30 year marriages: up to 10 years (increased from 3 years max). Alimony is only available to allow the receiving spouse to earn sufficient income to provide for his/her own minimum reasonable needs. Of course, the parties can always negotiate an agreement to pay alimony as part of the financial settlement of their case beyond what the Court is authorized to award. This is called Contractual Alimony. Bottom line, alimony should always be considered, especially in a long-term marriage.

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