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Winter Getting You Down?

by | Feb 29, 2020 | COVID-19

February is over; can you believe it? These have been difficult weeks, and I think everyone is struggling. It has been such a busy month for us at Lazar Law, working on complicated cases; the year is in full swing, and the slog of winter has definitely set in. Lucky for us, we live in Austin where winter is a glory, and even on the worst days, I feel blessed to experience sunrise and sunset in this magical city. I took this shot last night from my balcony of the crescent moon and Venus rising over downtown Austin at sunset, and I reminded myself that even when it’s difficult, there is joy in each day.

In the midst of it all, Lazar Law celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Jewelry Giveaway. I am so pleased that you ladies came by and browsed and took away treasured pieces I have collected through the years. I want to see them on you, so please send me a selfie when you wear your baubles, or better yet post on social media and tag us @lazarlaw.

And now we turn to March. I cannot believe we are already at Spring Break; I hope if you are planning to travel, you are able to do so; but even if plans have to change, enjoy your time off, your time with family, unplug, get outdoors, sleep in. Sounds pretty glorious right now.

Be Bold,



Sushi at Marker 10 at the Hyatt Regency Austin

I haven’t gotten out much in February. But I do take the Vonlane Bus every week, which picks up at the Hyatt Regency Austin parking lot, and so I’ve been to the Hyatt lobby bar quite a bit just to sit and work while I wait for my bus. There’s an attached Starbucks, and I have to admit to buying out the remnants of the mozzarella and salami as the store closes as a make-shift meal. And that’s because I never knew that the Hyatt Regency Austin lobby has a sushi bar!

Last night, feeling hungry and down that Starbucks had closed for the night, it finally dawned on me that the Hyatt Regency Austin lobby bar might have food. Where I sit to wait for the bus is in the front of the hotel, and this bar is so huge it stretches the entire expanse of the hotel lobby level, plus I’m alone and working and I’ve never had a server come up to me, so I set out to find a menu. Lo and behold, Sushi at Marker 10. Skeptical but thrilled, I ordered miso soup, the avocado bomb and a cocktail. Delicious! A big bowl of steaming miso soup with delicate and fresh scallions and mushrooms. The avocado bomb was simple, fresh and satisfying – real crab meat not suffocated in any mayo over a perfect avocado cubed nicely and a spicy sauce on the plate to dip, or not. The TX Shinkansen cocktail (Grey Goose vodka, Gekkeikan Plum wine & Fever Tree elder flower tonic) was the perfect accompaniment.

I did a little research, and it looks like Sushi at Marker 10 has been around for awhile. Yet, this Austin foodie never heard of it. Anyone who has been in Austin long enough, and especially those of us from the good old days, has a Hyatt Regency Austin memory, and probably a story or two. Fajitas in the 80s; that’s the Hyatt. But not anymore! I can’t wait to try the hand rolls and sashimi next week.

Sushi Bar at Marker 10, Hyatt Regency Austin, is open daily 5:00–11:00pm. Hopefully, we can keep it a secret just between us.



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