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I read somewhere that the true benefit of time away is realized when you return to your normal life. I returned after the first week of August to a grueling schedule that included three final trials; isn’t that the way it always is – you return from time away only to be immersed in so much work you forget you were ever gone? In the last month, I have reflected on the lessons I learned from my “working vacation” and what I come back with is a sense of openness, a call to be “open” – open to trying things a different way, open to solving problems in a way I never would have considered a year ago, open to new opportunities that might not have fit my way of doing things in the past. As we are rebuilding our team, and I am handling much of the legal work on my own, I am struggling to find time to do the work that requires deep brain work at my desk in between all the court preparation. I have decided to set aside one week a month purely for drafting work. That way, I can confidently plan and execute on work that I am finding myself trying to fit in during the wee early morning hours before the rest of the world is up. For the rest of the year, “drafting week” is going on my calendar each month. I’ve never done this before, and I am hoping it eases everyone’s stress. Next week will be my first drafting week, and as I plan for the week, I realize I can probably fill 10 days with just drafting, but I am thrilled with the idea of how far I can get in 5 days of concentrated desk work. Sounds thrilling, yes? Maybe not, but for me, anything that helps create order and structure and a new way of solving problems brings me great comfort.

What changes would you make if you were more open? I challenge you to join me for the rest of the year in being open to all the possibilities, not dismissing things right away, listening for ideas that might help you, asking for help. Sometimes the answer to our problems is not in solving them right away but in being open to the answer coming to us in ways we did not expect. I am hopeful I can report back that in being more open, we found solutions to our biggest challenges. We still have time left in the year to turn it around.

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By: Aubrey Rosenthal


Is there anything more “Texas” than a good BBQ meal? This month, the team and I went to Lambert’s for lunch after our monthly in-person team meeting. Just a short walk from our downtown office, Lambert’s is in the historic and renovated J.P. Schneider Store, which was built in 1873. The atmosphere is laid back yet sophisticated much like the atmosphere of downtown Austin. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Lambert’s frequently has live music in the upstairs bar and lounge.

The menu combines classic and predictable (but still delicious) BBQ options with some items that are unique and unexpected. By “unique” I mean, dishes such as crispy wild boar ribs and red snapper ceviche served with a tomatillo aguachile. The team and I decided to sit outside and have a family-style lunch to allow us to try a little of everything we wanted. We started with the Lambert’s Iceberg Wedge, although on the simpler side of the menu, was both fresh and delicious. After the salad, we decided that we had to try some meats from the smokehouse We ordered the brisket and the sausage. Although I am not typically a fan of brisket, I will say that this brisket melted in my mouth. All of the shareable sides looked so good it was hard to settle on choosing just a few, but ultimately, we ordered the baked mac and cheese, the classic potato salad, and the cashew lime coleslaw. The meats were served with pickled veggies and jalapenos. All this savory food was fuel to get through the rest of the workday. Next time I visit Lambert’s, because yes, there will be a next time I am eager to try out some other options on the menu that looked great as well. I will not pass up the opportunity to try the chipotle queso or the baby back ribs.

Lambert’s is open for lunch Monday through Friday with an elevated lunch menu on Saturday. Dinner is available daily from 5 pm to close. On Monday the restaurant offers half-off ribs and whiskey all night beginning at 4 pm. They even have a special brunch menu on Sundays from 11 am-3 pm. Being a big fan of brunch, I personally cannot wait to try their breakfast Frito pie and the blueberry coffee cake.



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