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It feels like a shift has occurred – finally the oppressive heat has been replaced by an actually cool breeze, and in our office we are getting ready to welcome a brand new legal team. We have soldiered along this year, determined to hire the right fits, in a job market that was almost impossible for the employer. Just when it looked impossibly bleak, I went away to the other side of the world, and there I manifested out loud that I would come home to a pile of qualified resumes. And guess what: that’s exactly what happened. I came back to at least a dozen stellar candidates, and we have spent the last month interviewing. By this time next month, I should be introducing you to the new team, so stay tuned.

It wasn’t just the manifestation; we called in a lot of help to teach us how to recruit qualified candidates that would be a good fit for our firm. We partnered with recruiters that met our values, and we leaned into social media and our incredible and supportive network. We are grateful beyond measure to those who stood by us and worked with us and to those who spread the word for us. We are grateful for the opportunity to have met with so many promising candidates from all over the state of Texas and to have developed relationships for ongoing recruitment as we continue to grow.

We are excited for what the future holds for Lazar Law

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Vino Lady’s Ultimate Camping Cookbook

Vino Lady is Austin Lawyer, Jenna Donatiello. While raising her kids, she spent a lot of time as a home cook and learned all about European wine. She became a Certified Italian Wine Professional and opened her own European wine importing business. Jenna is one smart cookie and a great teacher, and she has taught countless American wine drinkers about the virtues of estate, organic, family-owned and produced wines from Europe.

If you follow her on Instagram, you have seen her home-cooked meals with wine pairings. Now, Jenna has written a cookbook for delicious simple meals to enjoy on-the-go. Our Team spent the weekend cooking some of the recipes, and honestly, they were all DELICIOUS. I made the Overnight Almond Butter Oatmeal and Jack’s “Warm You to the Bones” Chili Dogs. Aubrey made the Veggie Bagel Sandwiches, featuring Beverly’s All-Purpose Seasoning and the Pickled Red Onions. Dominque made the Corn and Hominy with Bacon, Tomato and Jalapeno; actually, she made it twice, it was so good!

What I love about this cookbook is that it is written clearly, giving you the information you need, in an approachable way. Jenna tells you how to plan and pack for your outdoor eating adventure, whether it be big or small, camping or riding on a train. For Jenna, the focus is that wherever you go, you should eat delicious food. She is a practical and simple cook of mouth-watering meals. If she can’t cook for you, the next best thing is to cook these recipes.
This is a slim cookbook. It is meant to be taken with you on your camping trips, but I am going to put in my travel gear so that I have these recipes at the ready when I am away from home and want food I can take with me while out for a day of adventure or to eat during a long day of travel or to cook at a short-term rental.

Vino Lady’s Ultimate Camping Cookbook is available on Amazon here.

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The 4-1-1 on Co-Parenting

Co-parenting,” though not a legally defined term in the Texas Family Code, is what the Courts expect of parents who share legal and physical custody (“conservatorship”) of their children. But what is it?

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A Year to be Open

A Year to be Open

FROM JODI It is a New Year, and we have made it through January. By the time the end of January rolls around, I have forgotten all about the holidays and even the year before. We are full-on 2024, now! I also like to tackle January with its own specific goals, an...

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