Find Your Bliss… At a Food Truck?

This time last year, I wrote about the lemons 2020 had handed us, and how we could make the best of the rest of 2020. It felt good to look ahead with fresh eyes, feeling revived about a new way to see our Pandemic-y circumstances.

Things are feeling a bit precarious as I write to you this year. After a Spring and Summer of so much fun and freedom thanks to our vaccines, it appears life is going to shutter a bit again to prevent the spread of COVID. Will this impact all the travel plans we’ve made and the sporting and concert tickets we’ve purchased for Fall and beyond? I sure hope not, but it seems likely.

More importantly, how will this impact our friends and family with school-aged children? Do our kids actually get to go back to school in a week or so, or are we all home-bound again? I think we are all anxiously awaiting “the word” from our schools and jobs about what the immediate future holds for us in this respect.

Silver lining? If you’re ready to move forward with a family law matter, there’s no stopping you. Our civil courts across the State of Texas pretty immediately provided a way for dockets keep moving via video conferencing when life changed for us all last year. This has been one of the busier summers I’ve seen in family law, and I know the same is true across the State because I am just returning home from attending our Advanced Family Law Conference in San Antonio with our colleagues.

A common thread about the family law matters we have been filing recently is that they have been brewing for a long time. People have used the last year and a half to evaluate whether what they’re doing and how they’re feeling is what they want for their lives long term. When the future they want is something different, they’re taking those big leaps now to actualize happier lives.

I love my job (I say this many times per week), and I love protecting children and helping my clients be better parents. But, what I really love is helping people turn the page and start living the lives that bring them joy. And for the time being, it looks like I’ll be happy to keep doing that via Zoom.

Stay Curious,



If you’ve lived in Austin for more than a day and you DON’T know about Artipasta, I’m going to assume you’ve just committed yourself to a carb-free world of isolation and despair and have no idea what’s happening in the greater universe around you. If you HAVE heard of Artipasta, you probably already know that this beautiful, glorious, handmade pasta is the best in town. I know, I know. Austin’s culinary scene is often best known for BBQ and tacos. Who comes here for Italian? No one. But you should. In keeping with the grand tradition of Austin’s unbeatable food truck magic, the fine folks at @artipasta.tx are dishing out fresh, handmade pasta from their trailer @thicketaustin and bless me, it is all wonderful. The tagliatelle with house meat sauce  – my favorite – is their top seller with good reason. This isn’t a sad bowl of spaghetti with canned tomato sauce and frozen meatballs. Artipasta makes noodles from scratch and tops them generously with a sauce of tomato and slow cooked beef and pork meat (definitely more meat than tomato); the sprig of fresh rosemary takes it over the top. Another of the Lazar Law ladies shares my undying love for Artipasta and she can’t get enough of the ravioli spinach and ricotta, which is served with butter, sage, fresh ricotta aside, and balsamic vinegar glaze. Have I convinced you yet? Maccheroni creamy sausage and mushrooms. Spaghetti cacio e pepe. Gnocchi butter and sage. Caserecce with shrimps, pistachios and cherry tomatoes. If you find yourself having a tough time deciding what to order, you should know two things: that’s completely normal, and you should probably just go ahead and get more than one dish. Be sure to add some cannoli for dessert because you won’t find a more perfect or authentic cannoli anywhere else, and it really is bliss. You could use more bliss in your life, right?



For all the happy connections and pure joy (hello, Cat Lawyer!) social media has brought to the world, it has also become so ingrained in our everyday lives that we often forget how many people can see what we post, share, and “like.” Read More>>

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