Introducing Jonathan Munves

Well, we have made it through the first month of 2023, and we are off to a great start. On the first day back in the New Year, we welcomed paralegal Jonathan Munves to our Team, and we are so happy to have him with us. Jonathan brings five years family law experience with him and a fresh perspective to our clients. Because he lives in Austin, Jonathan is taking advantage of our hybrid work model, working from home 2 days a week and in-office at Firmspace 3 days a week. It has been so nice to have a paralegal on-site for our clients this past month, and we are starting to see the benefits of a hybrid work model. Jonathan is a great fit with our Team, able to provide a compassionate, listening ear while steadily keeping the email communication moving, the file maintained and putting out the fires of the day. We really don’t know how we got along without him. We are thrilled to provide Jonathan with a family law firm committed to growth so that he can continue to reach his professional goals. Jonathan and his wife, Jessica, have been married for three years. Jonathan is a foodie – so you know we can hang.

All of us at Lazar Law prepared a 90-day goal plan for the start of the year, so that we define what we want to accomplish this year and start the year with
a plan, not just resolutions. This has allowed us to focus together as a new Team in service to the client, and one month in, I am happy to say we are on
pace to hit all our targets; a fabulous way to start the year. Now, we are going to focus on adding an attorney to our Team, so if you know an attorney interested in joining our Team, please send them our way!

We have a new theme for the year. For 2023, I challenge you to #BeFree. It’s time. It is so refreshing to write to you with joy in my heart. I hope the rest of
you feel the same. Happy New Year!

Be Free,


by: Aubrey Rosenthal

Allow me to introduce you all to 24 Diner. If you haven’t heard of 24 Diner by this point, then you are truly missing out. 24 Diner is inspired by the classic diner that we have all come to know and love, but with added twists both within the menu and within the décor of the restaurant. Head chef, Andrew Curren is an Austin-based chef with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Andrew and his wife, Mary Catherine are involved in other Austin restaurants such as Irene’s and Cookbook at the Central Austin Library. Everything at 24 Diner is thoughtfully prepared and helps support local businesses here in Texas.

24 Diner’s menu is expansive and has options for everyone. Their remoulades are all made in-house and filled with extraordinary flavor. From burgers to salads, to meatloaf and chicken parmesan, you are certain to find something that you love on this menu. The corn fritters appetizer is an option you can’t miss out on. These fritters are filled with creamed corn, bacon, cheddar, jalapeños, and served with a jalapeño remoulade. All the salads are served with produce that is sourced locally and the dressings are all made in-house. The sandwiches and burgers are built on local fresh baked bread. Their no-bean chili dish to stay warm in this cold weather.

Although everything I have tried on the menu is wonderful, my favorite part of 24 Diner is the breakfast menu- served all day every day! It is rare to come across a restaurant that serves breakfast all day, especially this quality of breakfast. The coffee options are made with beans roasted here in East Austin by Texas Coffee Traders. The fried chicken biscuit is my favorite served with your choice of white or dark meat, honey, brown sugar butter, and a side of fruit. The egg sandwich is also a must-try served on a brioche bun with scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, and smoked aioli. 24 Diner is also famous for their take on the Chicken and Waffle. The waffles are served Belgian style meaning they are yeast- risen- crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Take a look at their menu to see all the wonderful options that 24 Diner has.

If you have saved room for dessert, try the blueberry crumb pie, the Kentucky bourbon pie, or the cinnamon roll. For warning, the cinnamon rolls are served on Saturdays and Sundays only from 9 am until they are sold out.


600 N. Lamar Blvd #200
Austin, Texas 78703


Do I Need a Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are contracts, drafted by lawyers, that change how the law would normally apply to the spouse’s assets in divorce and death. If you live in Texas, the assets you own at the time of marriage are your separate property. You DON’T NEED a prenup to confirm the separate property you own coming into your marriage. A prenup is helpful to specifically identify your assets, but without a prenup, you can still prove that you owned an asset prior to marriage in other ways. Be aware, though, that it is your burden to prove your separate property assets by clear and convincing evidence – a high burden.

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A Year to be Open

A Year to be Open

FROM JODI It is a New Year, and we have made it through January. By the time the end of January rolls around, I have forgotten all about the holidays and even the year before. We are full-on 2024, now! I also like to tackle January with its own specific goals, an...

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